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Algebraic Effects, Fibers, Coroutines . . . Oh My! - Brandon Dail at React Rally 2018
Brandon Dail sheds light on some academic concepts relevant to the recent work the React team has been doing + Algebraic Effects, Fibers, Coroutines explained! 
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Using the React DevTools Profiler to Diagnose React App Performance Issues
The latest version of the React DevTools offers a powerful new tool to detect and diagnose performance issues in your React app: the new Profiler tab. This post describes how Netlify used the Profiler to quickly diagnose and fix a known and long-standing performance issue in the clientside display of our server logs on

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An introduction to .map, .filter, .reduce by making a fresh fruit salad (🥗)
Any good fruit salad should be brimming with nice stuff; carefully selected, chopped and mixed into a tasty bowl of goodness. They're also great for explaining JavaScript's more functional methods, which undoubtedly will be a good addition to your developer skills.

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