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State of Bliss: Handle your state with React, Apollo, and Unstated
Apollo is the best solution for managing remote data with a client cache. But if you are already using Apollo, the question is: What should you do about the rest of your client state? React’s new context API has opened up new possibilities for dealing with app state. This article looks at finding that blissful state that combines the data from the server, component state, and the app state.
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How to Build an npm Worm
An npm package with 59 million downloads had been compromised and contained a malicious script that was attempting to spread itself to other npm authors. This type of script is known as a "worm" and while npm did a good job shutting it down, they lucked out because the script contained a bug which prevented it from spreading and caused it to get reported immediately. 

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The Problem You Solve Is More Important Than The Code You Write
Regardless of the path programming has taken, there's still a problem with the separation between business and software development — or "engineering". If developers become too narrowly focused on development, they can miss the purpose behind the software they write. They may not see hidden solutions that don’t require any code.
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GraphQL Bindings for Service to Service Communication
Great article explaining how to leverage GraphQL bindings to provide LEGO blocks for service to service communication. It also explores how Kubernetes DNS helps the operational use of a binding within your cluster of microservices. GraphQL bindings are a fantastic tool to easily reuse, share and compose existing GraphQL APIs.
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