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State of React Native 2018
Big changes are coming in React Native. 
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Full Stack Error Handling with GraphQL and Apollo
Errors can range from bad user inputs to back-end bugs to rare network outages. Since it’s at the center of all the action, GraphQL has great potential to help us handle these errors in a systematic way.
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Introducing GraphQL for Visual Studio Code
Prisma releases a plugin for VS Code to upgrade daily GraphQL coding workflows. Features include intelligent autocompletion, jump-to-definition, syntax highlighting, query validation & a lot more.
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Introducing the GraphQL Guide
The GraphQL Guide is a new book by John Resig (creator of jQuery) and Loren Sands-Ramshaw. The book examines fundamentals of GraphQL along with strategies for how to implement it (client-side with Apollo and server-side in Node.js), as well as different situations in which GraphQL can be used (on mobile with React Native or Java/Swift, and on the web with either React or Vue).
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