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HashBang (/hăsh•băng/) Weekly by OK GROW!

Here's a weekly dose of Meteor/GraphQL/React news. Written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team.
Insights on the future of Meteor
Benjamin documents some blockers to Meteor adoption, which includes support of the latest version of Node, optional Mongo, axing the imports directory, and installing Meteor via npm.

Reify: Meteor’s evolving JavaScript module compiler
How it works and where it’s going next.

Nodechef is offering hosted Meteor APM based on Kadira.

You can now download a built archive of every deployed version of your app, directly from your app’s “versions” tab.

meteor-cleaner: removes unused packages and free up disk space.

Descriptive tutorial on how to manage MongoDB data migrations.
Next.js—a universal React App toolchain is celebrating its stable release this week.

Watch how Airbnb has been using React Native to build features for their Android and iOS apps.

All About React Router 4
An in depth overview on how to get started with React Router 4.

Call for Speakers - React Day Berlin Conference, December 2, 2017
Accepting submissions until September 20th. Got a talk in mind? Submit it today!

5 Options for React Web Animations, and which of these are cross-platform.

Detox is an end-to-end testing library for native and react native mobile apps.
A walkthrough on how to fetch data in plain React.
Kea the library is an abstraction over Redux, Redux-Saga and Reselect. It provides a framework for your app’s actions, reducers, selectors and sagas.

Read about how using UiZoo.js can make everyday practice of developing React components easier.

Notorious B.I.G.’s hit applied to starting off with React development.
Two talks recorded live at the GraphQL Toronto event in July 2017: Xavier Cazalot of OK GROW! on why you should care about GraphQL, and Pierre Carrier from Apollo on Embracing the power of GraphQL.

This Week in GraphQL
"This Week in GraphQL" is a great way to find all things GraphQL from multiple sources. It's also built with GraphQL, and you can play with it too!

Apollo Link: Creating your custom GraphQL client
Using the new network layer of Apollo Client independently.

Introduction to react-apollo-scalajs, the glue to using Apollo Client with React in your Scala.js app.

A walkthrough of how easy it is to migrate your GraphQL server to
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