Issue 24
HashBang (/hăsh•băng/) Weekly by OK GROW!

Hey everyone! I apologize for not getting out an issue last week, so here's a double dose of Meteor/GraphQL/React news. Written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team.
Transmission Ep 20: Meteor 1.5, APM, Client Bundler
Topics include Meteor 1.5 release and what's coming in Meteor 1.6, more on Meteor APM, Source Maps open issue, Meteor Client Bundler now works with React Native

Meteor server side rendering is about to become much easier
A look at what's to come in Meteor

Meteor Night: Meteor 1.5, Meteor + TextExpander, LuminPDF At Scale
Featured talks from Meteor Engineers, NitroLabs, and Smile Software (TextExpander)

VulcanJS: An Open-Source Project to “Meteorize” GraphQL
A full-stack app-building framework with React and GraphQL

The improvements you missed since Meteor 1.4!
Upgrade to Meteor 1.5 for easier app development

Deploying a Meteor App with AWS Elastic Beanstalk
A walk through of how to deploy a Meteor app to AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Techniques for decomposing React components
Three techniques to relieve bloat from your React components

React Flight
Ultra Simple Animation Compositions for React

SSR and Server Only Modules
An interesting look at how not to bundle server modules to your client app

Building m.uber: Engineering a High-Performance Web App For The Global Market
Uber shows how they are utilizing Preact to create a PWA (progressive web app) for a better mobile experience

Styled-Components in Action
A couple great uses of styled-components

Creating truly universal React component systems
Announcing styled-components/primitives, an experimental entry point combining styled-components and react-primitives

Avoiding deeply nested component trees
An interesting look at passing components down instead of data

Introducing the new React Nanodegree Program from Udacity
Udacity has introduced a React nanodegree program

7 Strengths of #ReactJS Every Programmer Should Know About
A feel-good article about why React is awesome 💪

Your React Native Offline Tool Belt
A summary of what's needed to create offline React apps

Pre Release: Redux-First Router — A Step Beyond Redux-Little-Router
Discovering a better, simpler, way of route-matching components + nested routes when using Redux
How to get started and build something with GraphQL
Our very own Xavier at OK GROW! gives a talk about how to get started with GraphQL

GraphQL Training in Toronto - July 2017
The future of data - 1 Day Training

GraphQL vs. REST
Two ways to send data over HTTP: What’s the difference?

GraphQL Just Got A Whole Lot “Prettier”!
prettier@v1.5.0 now supports GraphQL!

5 Things They Don’t Want You to Know About React-Apollo
Use these simple tricks to supercharge your data fetching!

Tutorial: GraphQL Subscriptions on the Server
This is part 6 of our Full-Stack GraphQL + React Tutorial, which guides you through creating a messaging application

How we built Launchpad
Enabling you to write GraphQL servers in your browser

A stronger (typed) React Apollo
Improving type support for GraphQL and React developers

Reducing our Redux code with React Apollo
Switching to a declarative approach at Major League Soccer

Full Stack React Native Development using GraphCool and Apollo Subscriptions + React Navigation

How to get started with GraphCool and Apollo. This is part 1 of 3 of this tutorial

React, Relay and GraphQL: Under the Hood of the Times Website Redesign
A look how the New York Times website has changed
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