Issue 22
HashBang (/hăsh•băng/) Weekly by OK GROW!

Here's your weekly dose of Meteor/GraphQL/React news. Written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team.
Announcing Meteor 1.5
Dynamic import(…), exact code splitting, immutable module caching, and bundle analysis tools

Unhealthy container replacement now in Galaxy
Automatic termination and replacement of unhealthy containers on Galaxy

Flow Router + Meteor@1.5 = per route dynamic import
Support for dynamic per route import(..) in flow-router-extra

Meteor + Apollo Tutorials & Other Useful Resources
A list of tutorials, example repos, and other useful links

Reval: Interactive Meteor Development
Instantly reload files, via either an in-browser editor or an editor plugin

NOSQL Injection in Kadira
Dissecting a vulnerability in Kadira

Announcing Storybook 3.0
webpack2, create-react-native-app, snapshot testing++, & more!

The Storybook Story
From UI development startup to open collective

React Native Basics: Build a Currency Converter
Learn to Use Navigation, Setup Redux, Design Components, Work with a Remote API, and More

So What's Vulcan?
A short intro of what Vulcan is all about. A I'll give you a hint: GraphQL+React framework

A Unified Styling Language
Taking a look at state of CSS in JavaScript

Rebuilding Slack’s Emoji Picker in React
Slack is transitioning its web client to React

Building an Authentication Flow with React Navigation
Tutorial on building an auth flow in React Navigation

Announcing 💅 styled-components v2: A smaller, faster drop-in upgrade with even more features
Announcement the official release of styled-components v2
Apollo Optics is now free for small projects
Fine-grained monitoring and analytics for your GraphQL API

graphql-tools: A simpler way to create GraphQL APIs
Library for writing schemas in JavaScript hits 1.0

Relay Modern with Lee Byron and Joe Savona
Podcast about commercial GraphQL ecosystem, why Facebook decided Relay needed to be rewritten, and the future of UI development.

Minimal GraphQL client supporting Node and browsers for scripts or simple apps

Real Time GraphQL — Chat (Part 2 Client)
Tutorial building a chat app

Come speak at GraphQL Summit 2017!
October 25–26, 2017 in SF, two days, one track & a new MC
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