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HashBang (/hăsh•băng/) Weekly by OK GROW!

Here's your weekly dose of Meteor/GraphQL/React news. Written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team.
This post builds on “Using Promises and async/await in Meteor” and “Using Promises on the Client in Meteor”. It compares “traditional” methods with async methods and gives some insight into why you should (or should not) use this.unblock().
Urigo documents his experiences rewriting using Angular Universal.
A brand new hosting platform for Meteor apps.
Freactal is a functional one-stop-shop for state, derivation, and effect management in React. It acknowledges the power of the Redux ecosystem while remaining true to the promise of React.
In order to teach higher order components, the article focuses on the use case of conditional rendering. A conditional rendering in React can be applied in multiple ways. You can use if-else statements, the ternary operator or the logical && operator. You can read more about the different ways in another article about conditional rendering in React. If you are not familiar with conditional rendering in React, you could read the article first.
This is a transcript from a Q&A session with the co-creator of Redux with questions from multiple people asking about different facets of React.
Directly calling functional components as functions instead of mounting them using React.createElement is much faster. You can do so today in JSX.
The 48 hour online React hackathon. It's happening on June 24-25, 2017.
This is a talk about how to build apps with React Native easily.
GraphQL-Europe is a non-profit GraphQL conference in Europe with speakers from all around the world. Learn about GraphQL best practices from industry experts and become part of the thriving GraphQL community. The conference is just around the corner on May 21st, 2017.
This is part 4 of our Full-stack React + GraphQL tutorial series. Each part is self-contained and introduces one new, key concept, so you can either do each part separately or follow the entire series — it’s up to you!
How Apollo will deliver a unified, incrementally adoptable experience across all three platforms.
This article sheds some light on the commonalities and differences between Relay and Apollo and helps you make an informed decision on which GraphQL client is the best for your next project.
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