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Here's your weekly dose of Meteor/GraphQL/React news. Written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team.


Dynamic imports in Meteor 1.5

The Meteor 1.5 series is going to be focused on the next big request heard from developers: Production performance, especially around application load and startup time. Check out the demo video on dynamic imports given by Ben Newman.

Announcing Meteor 1.4.3

Meteor 1.4.2 was a landmark release that brought dramatically better incremental rebuild times for larger apps. Meteor 1.4.3 includes a number of incremental improvements in diverse parts of the platform, setting the stage for significant new features in 1.5.

New Version of Learn React Native + Meteor Released [V1.2]

This release of the Learn React Native + Meteor course includes a brand new section with three lessons focused on leveraging ex-navigation to replace screens, installing react-native-maps, and displaying markers on a map and using a custom callout.

A Meteor (2.0) Is Coming

Gerard gives his unofficial opinions about the future of Meteor, and what he believes what Meteor 2.0 will look like.


10 React mini-patterns

Here are 10 very valuable patterns to follow when working with React. 

The Right Way to Test React Components

There’s a lot of confusion right now about the “right” way to test your React components. There isn't ever just one “right” way, so here are a few patterns and tips.

React Native’s experimental new FlatList component

Earlier in February, Spencer Ahrens published an experimental new React Native component called FlatList. It significantly improves memory usage and efficiency (especially for large or complex lists) while also significantly simplifying the props — no more dataSource necessary!

Improving first time load of a Production React App (Part 1 of 2)

This is a story of how the load time of the UrbanClap website went from 13+ seconds to less than 5 seconds (3G Singapore Server on Mobile) in a month. 

How OkCupid organizes its multi-page React app

A neat view of how OkCupid has structured their React app.


Introducing GraphQL Subscriptions

It's an exciting time to be a GraphQL developer! Over the past six months developers behind Graphcool, Apollo, and the rest of the GraphQL community have been hard at work defining a stable Subscriptions API to bring powerful realtime capabilities to GraphQL. The effort has resulted in interoperability between clients, server implementations, and tools like GraphiQL.

Use all the Databases - Part 1

Loren Sands-Ramshaw, author of GraphQL: The New REST, shows how to combine data from multiple sources using GraphQL in this Write Stuff two-part series.

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