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Happy Holidays, see you fine folks in the New Year.


New Meteor blog on Medium

The Meteor blog has moved to Medium! Make sure to follow the publication, you can find it here.

Use GraphQL to load from any database in your Meteor app

Meteor continues to be a great platform for web app development, and it’s not standing still; recent performance improvements and features have made a significant impact for us. This post will give you the information you need to make decisions about whether/when to begin trying GraphQL. I think you’ll find the combination really powerful.

Modulus is shutting down to become Xervo

Modulus is shutting down on the first business day of 2017! What Meteor's Galaxy is going to offer a free month when you switch. This is a pretty huge shock for Modulus customers, and Galaxy is a good choice if you are looking to migrate.

Where Is Meteor.js Heading?

In this episode of the crater.io podcast, Josh Owens, Chris Pena, and Dean Radcliffe talk about the future of Meteor. This episode is long, but it's worth a listen.


React Conf

The React Conference has been announced, and the organizers are looking for speakers. Registration is open until the 13th of January 2017.

Introducing the React VR Pre-Release

The pre-release of React VR by Oculus is here! There's some seriously cool stuff happening in the space of VR.


GraphQL Training

Learn the modern data layer GraphQL with leading experts in 1 day! Training is happening in San Francisco this time. Make sure to sign up to the newsletter to be the first to know when training runs again in the future!

Nova: making Apollo just as easy to use as Meteor

A big update to Nova (the GraphQL/Apollo version of Telescope) which makes it super easy to get started with GraphQL along with a bunch of other really nifty things like out-of-the-box SSR. 

Apollo on React Native Radio

The top 5 questions and answers from the React Native Radio podcast.

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