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Transmission Ep 16: Redis Oplog, Vue.js in Blaze 2.0, Meteor + Apollo

This episode of Transmission, Paul and Sashko dive into Redis Oplog tailing, Vue.js as a major contender as a front-end solution, and Apollo. Also some hints into Meteor 1.5. Also available as a podcast here.

10 tips to get off Meteor

If you have been considering moving away from Meteor, heres some helpful tips from the team who built one of the first production at-scale meteor apps.

Meteor - Not Going Away In The Observable Future

Dean reiterates why Meteor is not going away any time soon. I agree with him. Meteor gives you a fantastic and solid base for building modern apps. I personally want to see performance and modularity have a bigger focus in future versions of Meteor.

Building a Video Chat App in an Hour with React, Meteor and Tokbox

A neat tutorial using React and Meteor with Tokbox to build a simple video chat app.

Meteor Club Podcast - Goodbye Meteor.js

In this episode of the Meteor Club Podcast, Josh and Ben talk about Arunoda's post about leaving Meteor, the Graphql Summit Videos, React v 15.4.0, and Yarn vs NPM.

Continuous Integration with Meteor, Chimp, Galaxy and CircleCI

Manual testing and deployment is a productivity killer. Here's how to set up Meteor with Chimp testing on Galaxy using Circle CI. It can be frustrating to setup but once you’ve got it working, you’ll never go back to manual deployments.


Component Rendering Speed in React

A key performance tip for faster React applications is to optimize your render function.

Next on your TODO: Go React native with restdb.io and Auth0

Restdb.io is a simple, secure nosql database cloud service, perfect for creating a database driven website and backend with Auth0 authentication. It provides easy collaboration and data management with secured API-keys and powerful querying and aggregation capabilities.

Why Redux need reducers to be “pure functions”

You may have heard that Redux depends on “pure functions” from functional programming. Read on to find out what that means.


Read from Redux, declare PropTypes, and filter data with GraphQL

graphql-anywhere — a simple yet powerful client-side GraphQL utility.

An enhanced GraphQL developer experience with TypeScript

Develop faster and better with the GraphQL type system.

Command-line utility to build production-ready servers with GraphQL.

Command-line utility to build production-ready servers with GraphQL.

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