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We are very excited about this change. As a company, we are always challenging ourselves with new technologies. At our foundation, we have been using Meteor for over 3 years. We've since incorporated React and GraphQL into our ever evolving tech stack. We like to explore new and interesting technologies, and we really want to share what we find moving forward.

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Here's your weekly dose of Meteor/GraphQL/React news. Written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team at OK GROW!.


TRANSMISSION #16: Help pick topics

It's time to plan the next Transmission show! If you have any cool topics you'd like to hear discussed, make sure to leave a comment on this thread.

A guide to creating npm packages for Meteor Developers

Making npm packages is pretty straight forward! If you Here's a quick & easy guide.

Build a Meteor desktop client with hot code push

A pretty awesome package that lets you build desktop apps with Meteor & Electron.

Build a WhatsApp Clone with Ionic 2, Angular 2, and Meteor!

This is a great example of how to use Ionic, Angular and Meteor together. This includes a tutorial to follow, along with links to the repo on GitHub.

Building Reactive Props with Meteor and Recompose

Recompose is great at enforcing patterns in Higher Ordered Component development. You can take its principles and build your own HOCs for any situation.

Reaction Commerce | The Perfect Framework for Ecommerce

Highlights why they chose Meteor as their architecture, how Reaction disrupts the current ecommerce landscape, and where they're headed next.


Single-Prop HOCs – Better Composition in React

Robert Dickert introduces a simple pattern for composing React functionality. This pattern works great for adding Apollo GraphQL, Meteor, and other functionality in an intuitive way.

Building HOCs with Recompose

When architecting your components, Abhi strongly advocates a split between Presentational Components and “Enhancers”/HOCs. Using Recompose makes this easy, and performant.

Start Using React to Build Web Applications - New Tutorial!

Egghead has been an amazing source for good quailty content. This is a series of videos that will explore the basic fundamentals of React to get you started.

The Most Common XSS Vulnerability in React.js Applications

Explaining some of the most common XSS vulnerabilities in React applications.


How to implement viewerCanSee in GraphQL

Improving the security on GraphQL. A neat take on how to better secure your GraphQL queries.

Why UI Developers Love GraphQL

A tech talk given at Coursera by Sashko Stubailo (Apollo, Meteor Development Group) on the benefits of GraphQL.

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