Happy Friday!

Here's your dose of Meteor news. Written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team at OK GROW!.


Videos from GraphQL Summit 2016

All the talks that took place at the GraphQL Summit are available on this playlist.

Navigating your transition to GraphQL

The developer experience enabled by GraphQL is fantastic. The best way to do GraphQL development is to design your schema first, this article explains how to get started when designing your GraphQL experience.

Announcing Meteor 1.4.2: Rebuild performance & a look ahead

The Meteor 1.4.2 release includes improved rebuild performance, a Yarn integration, a full extraction of Blaze, and new roles for community contributor. 

Meteor is an important patch for 1.4.2 users

Te urgency of this patch comes from a specific issue with the Meteor `babel-runtime` package. If you're curious about this issue, you can read more about it here. Huge thanks to Ben Newman for keeping the updates coming.


Arunoda leaves Meteor

Arunoda has been a prolific figure in the Meteor community. There’s nothing wrong with Meteor. Arunoda lost interest in Meteor so it’s hard for him to maintain all of his Meteor-related projects.

An Introduction to Apollo

This is a repost of "An Introduction to the Apollo Stack for the Uninitiated" on The Meteor Chef, explaining the basics of MDG's new tools for using GraphQL. 

Meteor Tutorials

Meteor Tuts is another great way to learn the basics of Meteor.

Meteor + React + SSR

A good article on how to get Meteor, React Router + SSR working together.

Meteor Boilerplate: Base

The Meteor boilerplate from The Meteor Chef has received some TLC over the last couple of weeks.

Meteor 1.4 + React For Everyone

An newly updated Meteor 1.4 + React tutorial series.

Meteor Accounts using Apollo

A implementation of Meteor Accounts only in GraphQL with Apollo.

This package uses the Meteor Accounts methods in GraphQL, it's compatible with the accounts you have saved in your database and you may use apollo-accounts and Meteor's DPP accounts at the same time.

A DDP transport for GraphQL subscriptions

A meteor adaptation of the subscriptions-transport-ws package. this transport utilizes the meteor ddp server connection.

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