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Transmission Ep 15: Community Involvement, 1.4.2, GraphQL subscriptions, and Grapher

With special guest Thea Lamkin, who leads community and developer relations at Meteor!


  • (1:00) Community involvement discussion with Thea Lamkin
  • (26:00) Meteor 1.4.2
  • (31:20) Question for the community: Code splitting vs. backwards compatibility with eager loading
  • (39:50) Is tighter Apollo integration still happening for Meteor 1.5?
  • (46:15) GraphQL subscriptions, what's the current state and where are we going next?
  • (52:30) Talking about Grapher, a GraphQL-like data loading package for Meteor

Apollo iOS Guide

Apollo iOS is a GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift. This is a pretty large deal now adding native app developers into the mix. The Apollo guide has a new introduction section you can dive into.

5 benefits of static GraphQL queries

Sashko lists the benefits on why static GraphQL queries are awesome.


MongoDB Atlas with Meteor

A step-by-step guide to setting up MongoDB Atlas with Meteor Galaxy. This guide could also be followed for any hosting provider.

Using Meteor as a Backend for Your Apps

A video presentation on using Meteor exclusively as a backend for your app.

How to Build a Telegram Chat Bot with Meteor

Dive into the world of chat bots! Learn how to create your own Meteor chat bot for Telegram.

Can Meteor Applications be "Mobile Only?"

Security in Meteor applications is important. At the end of the day, the only real control you have over your application exists on the server. Take the time to secure your methods, publications, and server-side routes.

SuperMongol - In-App Meteor Administration Tool

SuperMongol is an in-app administration tool made just for Meteor. It's loaded with developer-friendly functionality to help you handle many real-world app situations with ease, as well as make customer service dramatically easier.

Grapher: Meteor Collection Joins + Reactive GraphQL like queries

Grapher is a high performance data fetcher for MongoDB and Meteor.

Blaze integration for the Apollo Client

Blaze integration for the Apollo Client. Load GraphQL data directly in your templates!

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