Happy Saturday!

Here's your dose of Meteor news. Written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team at OK GROW!.


Galaxy turns one year old!

Happy 1st Birthday to Galaxy! Galaxy and the community around it has grown so much over the past year.

Documenting Apollo

How Apollo is constantly working to make it easier to understand and use Apollo Client.

A proposal for GraphQL subscriptions

Sashko introduces two new packages, graphql-subscriptions and subscriptions-transport-ws


Accounts is Everything Meteor Does Right

A big component of Meteor’s “special sauce” is the Accounts system. The powerful functionality and ease of use provided by the Accounts packages is a perfect example of what makes Meteor amazing.

Create a Simple 'Hello World' App With Meteor and Apollo

A great post outlining how to create a simple 'Hello World' app with Meteor and Apollo.

Writing an API Wrapper

In this tutorial, learn how to write an API wrapper utilizing the MailChimp v3.0 API, along with ES2015 classes, adding methods, and how to make a flexible class that allows us to extend our wrapper easily.

Tools and Services used in a Production React Native + Meteor App

A walkthrough of a few modules and services used in production for React Native (iOS & Android) and Meteor (backend).

Meteor + React with a headless Wordpress API

For anyone looking to build big applications but still leverage the power of something like Wordpress from a content production standpoint.

Meteor Intern Interviews

A playlist of 4 videos where Sashko talks to the interns about what they were learning and building while at Meteor.

Meteor Night London September 2016 - Raw Collections

Richard Silverton demonstrates the gains in database performance you can get using rawCollections. The repo from the talk is available on github.

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