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Sorry for the late newsletter, here's your double dose of Meteor news. Written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team at OK GROW!.



GraphQL Subscriptions in Apollo Client

Apollo Client introduces subscriptions! This is huge because subscriptions allow us to introduce new levels of interactivity to our apps with near-realtime updates. 

[Up for grabs] Optimize ClientTarget#minifyCss

This GitHub issue caught my eye. Open to any contributors. You should also check out Meteor 1.4.2 milestones for an idea of what to expect in the next version of Meteor.


Parrot: A new kind of router, specially designed for Meteor

Parrot is a hash router for Meteor. An easy way to understand it is to think of it as having Session stored on the URL instead of in-memory. Then, picture that every time the URL changes, a function runs with all the parameters passed into it.

Meteor 1.4 For Everyone - Series Introduction

A youtube series of how to get started with Meteor 1.4. The first couple of steps are free, if you are new to Meteor, you should check them out.

Chef's Table Live

A great discussion with Ryan Glover that answers some burning questions from the community. (Blaze pun intended)

Using Meteor methods on React components to fetch data

Fetch Meteor data in React using decorators with ease. Check out the github repo as well.

15+ Meteor Tips for Beginners from Professional Developers

Some neat tidbits from the pros on how to get the most out of Meteor.

Choosing a GraphQL Client: Apollo vs. Relay

Side-by-side comparison of GraphQL clients Apollo and Relay.

The new GitHub GraphQL API

Why the new GitHub GraphQL API matters and how to start using it now.

The new GraphQL website

GraphQL has officially launched. Along with it, a new shiny website!

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