Happy Saturday!

Here's your dose of Meteor news written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team at OK GROW!.

Professional JavaScript training with React.js, Meteor and GraphQL

OK GROW! is teaching a 3-day workshop in San Francisco. Learn full-stack JS app development with React, GraphQL and Meteor. Use the code METEOR_WEEKLY for a 30% discount.


Blaze Fans, All Systems Go! 🔥

Blaze has finally made its transition into its own repo! The new documentation page is up, and if you're interested, join the slack group.

All you need to know about GraphQL.js 0.7

Jonas walks us through new improvements and updates to GraphQL 0.7.


GraphQL: The next generation of API design

Sashko talks about the misconceptions about GraphQL, coming from a REST background.

Querying a Geographical Database with GraphQL

Abhi gives a great introduction to a simple alternative to Rest APIs. He goes over the pieces you need to get started with GraphQL and built a cool little data source.

Assessing Mobile Meteor Applications

Pete walks us through assessing mobile Meteor apps from a security perspective.

Founders Panel: Designing for Yourself vs. Designing for Millions

Matt Debergalis talks about how Meteor and MDG have grown over time along with other founder panelists.

Crater Podcast #111 - The State of Javascript

Abhi and Josh talk about the new Crater, State of JS, React Native tutorial, and some Meteor forum posts

How to Update Your Enterprise Meteor Application to 1.4

Meteor Partners Project Ricochet explain step-by-step the process of upgrading to Meteor 1.4 to take advantage of updated Node and MongoDB support and more. 

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