Happy Friday!

Here's a double dose of Meteor news written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team at OK GROW!.


Announcing Meteor 1.4.1: Node 4.5.0, Faster Package Downloads, & More

Meteor 1.4.1 contains updates to the recently released 1.4.0, including support for Node 4.5.0, faster package downloads, and changes to package publishing.

Meteor 1.4.2 Roadmap

As promised in the 1.4.1 release announcement, Meteor 1.4.2 will be all about rebuild performance. This is pretty exciting as I think most of us meteorites have been feeling this pain for a quite a while now.

Pagination and Infinite Scrolling in Apollo Client

Slava talks about the new fetchMore method in Apollo Client. Basically, Apollo Client now has built-in infinite scroll support, which was one of the most-requested features. Pretty cool

GraphQL Concepts Visualized

Dhaivat explains the five simple concepts that define how reactivity and caching (i.e. all the magic that makes your app fast and slick) work within Apollo Client.


GraphQL and the amazing Apollo Client

Here's a good brief overview of how to use Apollo Client and and introduction to GraphQL.

Meteor ❤ Google (A DevOps post)

This is a neat article detailing how to deploy Meteor apps to Google's Cloud Platform.

Rate Limiting Methods

Rate limiting is an important security technique. Even if you’re not expecting anyone to spam your methods with requests, you should still use it. The Meteor Chef walks through why and how to define modules that follow a consistent pattern and make reuse easy.

Building real-time React Applications with Redux and Meteor

An interesting take on using React, Redux and Meteor. The sample code is also available on github.

Module Import Organization

Oh man, I love nerding out on file structure and organization of code. Here's Corey's take on organizing files within the imports folder.

Meteor In Front, Phoenix In Back - Part 1

A neat article on how to build the leaderboard sample app using Elixer and the Phoenix framework.

okgrow/accounts-ui-react: The Meteor accounts-ui we know and love, wrapped in React.

The wonderful team at OK GROW! has made a simple wrapper of the accounts-ui templates in an easy-to-use React wrapper.

That's it for this week! If you are interested in getting more involved with your local Meteor community find a meetup near you.

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