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Here's your weekly dose of Meteor news written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team at OK GROW!.


Apollo Server 0.2: GraphQL with Express, Connect, HAPI or Koa

The new Apollo Server 0.2 is a major upgrade and includes new enhancements and features  It now works with Express, Connect, HAPI and Koa. It's been rewritten from the ground up to be simple, more modular and just generally more awesome.

More Speed and Insights for App Deployments on Galaxy

Galaxy, the best way to deploy your Meteor apps, now gives you better container start time and reliability, and provides more visibility into build errors. 


Method Imports and Exports

Pete dives into Meteor methods and makes the case for modularizing. This train of thought on modules enhances readability, testability, and re-usability while being scoped locally.

Introducing a Security Auditor to Meteor DevTools

Meteor DevTools Chrome extension was released a couple weeks ago. it's a handy tool for looking under the hood of Meteor apps.

Disrupting the Liquor Inventory Industry with Meteor and React

Guest blogger Mark Shust outlines why building the Chanj FLOW liquor inventory app on Meteor and React was a perfect fit for their lean, mobile-first strategy.

GraphQL: The Evolution of Data Fetching

With Apollo gaining momentum, here's a crash course (pun intended) of what GraphQL is all about.

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