Happy Friday!

Here's your weekly dose of Meteor news written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team at OK GROW!.


Announcing Meteor 1.4 - Updated Node and MongoDB versions & more

Meteor 1.4 has finally landed and it contains some exciting new enhancements and improvements including updates to Node and Mongo. Make sure to check out the changelog on the github repo for a more descriptive look at what's included.

Migrating to Meteor 1.4

Okay, so you read the first link in this issue of Meteor Weekly. Now it's time to take a look at this one! Here is your guide for upgrading to 1.4. There are some breaking changes, so I recommend giving this a read.


Crater Podcast #108 - Post MeteorCamp NYC Edition

Josh and Abhi talk MeteorCamp NYC, and give their opinions on frameworks and libraries.

Web Development and the Spaghetti Syndrome

Josh compares the state of JavaScript to spaghetti and how Meteor fits into the mess. This is a savoury overview how he utilizes Meteor and React to build apps for clients.

AMA with Apollo Team

A great Q&A Session with Apollo Team. There is lots to read and check out here.

Mutations and Optimistic UI in Apollo Client

Slava gives a quick overview on how Apollo Client gives developers convenient tools to work with GraphQL mutations, state, and applying optimistic results.

An early prototype of a GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift

A new repo popped up under the ApolloStack organization on github. Here's a neat demo of a GraphQL client for iOS, written in Swift.

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