Oops, we missed last week! In hopes that you'll forgive us, here's a double dose!

Enjoy the last two weeks of Meteor news written & curated by Paul Dowman and the rest of the team at OK GROW! while Karl Danninger is off traveling.


Meteor/Apollo Integration Coming in 1.5

The current plan for Meteor 1.5 is to focus on Apollo/GraphQL integration, in order to support databases other than Mongo (among other important goals).

Saturn: microframework for modern node app development

Saturn is a microframework for building modern node/browser based JS apps, using Apollo.  It's not clear yet if this experiment will develop further, but it's an interested peek into what could be part of the future stack.

Apollo team offering GraphQL Support

Apollo is offering a GraphQL Support program that provides architectural best practices and support for your GraphQL project.


Videos from MeteorCamp NYC

The first ever Meteor Camp was held in New York last week.  Some clips of the talks are available to watch online.

React vs. Blaze

Still unsure if you should venture out from the comfort of Blaze into the React-o-sphere? The Meteor Chef has a great comparison of the two view layers.

Action Oriented Architecture (Meteor + Redux)

Dean Radcliffe walks us through some code to discuss the benefits of using an action oriented architecture with Meteor with Redux.

Reactive Dict, Reactive Vars, and Session Variables

Another Ryan Glover, aka "The Meteor Chef" post, this one is about the difference between Reactive Dict, Reactive Vars, and Session variables.

12-year-old launches Meteor app

We love this! Nathaniel Dsouza is a 12 year old developer who launched his company KidzIdeaz using Meteor.

Meteor MongoDB Hosting

Meteor University has a pretty comprehensive, but high level overview of the options for hosting your Meteor app's MongoDB instance.

Winston and Meteor 1.3

How to get Winston, a tool for providing a unified logging interface, working with Meteor 1.3

Boilerplate: Meteor + ApolloStack + React + Redux

A port of the The Meteor Chef's Base boilerplate for starting Apollo projects.

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