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Paul Dowman will be stepping in for the next couple of weeks while I'm off traveling.

It's a light week for news this week, but happy 4th of July for Americans, happy Canada Day to Canadians, and to everyone else enjoy this week's Meteor-related reading! 😀


Release is on it's way

There's an open PR for an upcoming minor release that fixes a few bugs with You'll be prompted to update soon, or you can try it now by running `meteor update --release` in any application directory.

Query batching in Apollo

A new feature in Apollo Client improves performance by automatically combining multiple query requests to the server into one request, to load the data in one roundtrip, without any extra effort from the developer.


MongoDB Inc. launches new hosted MongoDB service

(Not strictly Meteor news, but most of us are using MongoDB.) Atlas is a new hosted MongoDB service from the MongoDB developers themselves. Interestingly it's billed hourly similar to AWS.

Meteor + Redux "Action Oriented Architecture" screencast

Dean Radcliffe walks through the architecture of a Meteor + Redux app.

Meteor Camp NYC

Meteor Camp NYC is coming up this week. OK GROW! is a sponsor and we're sending some of the team. Hope to see you there!