Here's your weekly dose of Meteor news written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team at OK GROW!.


Announcing Meteor 1.3.4(.1) and 1.4-beta.1

There have been several new Meteor releases in a short time:, 1.3.4,, and (for the adventurous) 1.4-beta.1.

If you're looking for the latest stable version it's which is what you'll get when do do `meteor update`, and if you want to try a preview of 1.4 try `meteor update --release 1.4-beta.1`.

For more details also see in the Meteor repo.

Meteor 1.4 and beyond - Matt DeBergalis, MDG - YouTube

Here's Matt DeBergalis from Meteor Development Group at Meteor Night last week, with MDG's plans for Meteor.

Full transition to Npm still planned, but after 1.4

The Meteor roadmap was updated to be a bit less specific about when the planned full transition to Npm will happen.


Meteor Forums thread on the current state and recommended tools for React + Meteor

If you're getting started with React + Meteor, or are thinking of doing it soon, there are tons of good gems in this thread.

vazco/uniforms: a React forms package that works with SimpleSchema

If you're moving from Blaze to React you might wonder what to use instead of AutoForms. This was one of the recommendations from the above forums thread.

meteor-react-prebind - Allows easy 'this' binding of all React methods

A handy utility for React users. Everyone else move along...

Meteor forums thread discussing imports

This thread talks about imports, tools to work with them, and includes some good tips like using absolute paths.

Beginner guide to SEO with Meteor : Dochead, sitemap & prerender

If you're building Meteor apps that have any public-facing content at all this is a very useful read.

Meteor universal fork for ARM + BSD (Raspberry, UDOO, others ...) - announce - Meteor forums

In case you didn't know, there's a fork of Meteor that maintains support for other platform architectures, and it's currently up to date with the latest version of Meteor!