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Here's your weekly dose of Meteor news written by Karl Danninger with help from the rest of the team at OK GROW!.


Announcing Meteor 1.3.3 - DDP Batching, .babelrc Support, Improved import Declarations

Meteor 1.3.3 is packed with changes to improve developer experience, including DDP batching, .babelrc support and improved ES2015 import declarations.

Apollo Stack: Goals, Challenges, First Components

Sashko introduces the first two components of Apollo. Apollo server: a simple GraphQL translation layer on top of your backends. It has a declarative schema and allows to fetch data from as many backends as you want. Apollo client: offers Meteor-like caching, optimistic UI, reactivity, pagination, etc. that are adoptable for any type of an application. It has a razor-sharp focus on transparency, simplicity and ease of debugging.

Windows fixes on the way with Meteor

This release brings a couple fixes to Windows environment. Keep your eyes out for this if you have been experiencing these issues on your Windows distribution.


MeteorCamp welcomes Arunoda to NYC!

MeteorCamp in NYC is just a couple weeks away. Arunoda will be presenting the keynote in person! There are still tickets available.

Meteor + Webpack guide by The Reactive Stack

Meteor hasn’t committed to doing anything with webpack, but it’s definitely a possibility. If webpack becomes more popular, it increases the likelihood that Meteor may eventually embrace it. The first article has been written, but subscribe to this repo to stay up to date.

Simple subscription payments with Meteor & Braintree

A nifty guide on how to use Meteor and Braintree to power payments.

Handling Meteor Publication Errors

This article explores how to handle server side errors and notifying the client in meaningful ways.

Building a Game with Meteor and RethinkDB

Daniel talks about his experiences building a game with Meteor and ReQL.

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